Is a sweetheart table right for you?

Sweetheart tables can be beautiful. A fun, unique linen, a beautiful floral arrangement, a space for you and your love to grab a bite to eat just the two of you. It’s also a few minutes stuffing your face full of food next to your new spouse in front of all your guests.

Does this sound like the way you would like to spend your first meal with your honey? If not, then a sweetheart table isn’t for you. My suggestion is a traditional head table with your wedding party flanking you and your love or a King table, where the wedding party is seated on both sides of the table, instead of only on one side (head table).

If you don’t mind being in the spotlight, then by all means sweetheart it up!

Pro: A sweetheart table can be a beautiful table as the center of attention and anchor the guest tables.

Con: You’re the center of attention.

Pro: You can be easily found by guests.

Con: You may not have time to eat. It is an open invitation for guests to approach you while you’re eating.

Pro: Can be a respite during dinner as your guests should be eating and seated.

Con: No candid photos of you toasting and/or laughing with your wedding party.

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