My Favorite Part of the Wedding Day

Do I have to pick just one? There are so many wonderful parts to a wedding day and honestly, it’s hard to choose one. So here are my top three faves!

1. Seeing my bride in her wedding dress for the first time! I can’t say that I haven’t teared up a time or two when seeing one of my brides put on her dress surrounded by her best friends and ladies of the family. Her hair is perfectly in place, makeup is done, and the finishing touch of her jewelry, put on by her mom. Gah! That moment when she looks in the mirror and truly sees herself as a bride. I am so excited for her and also remember the moment when I became a bride on my wedding day. I felt so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see my groom. I know that’s how my brides feel too!

2. The Room Reveal! Not of all my couples have time (due to different locations of the ceremony and reception) or want to do a room reveal

but when they do, I get really excited! Design is my jam and I love being able to show my couples and their families the Reception space all set and before guests arrive. The look on their faces when they see what we have brought to life from the pages of a design plan, to me is priceless.

3. Prepping my brides to walk down the aisle is another one of my favorite moments. The little bit of butterflies, a couple of deep breaths, and a hug from Dad before she says I do.

I let her know that I will be with her to make sure her train is laid out perfectly behind her and the timing of the music is just right before she makes that walk.

I remind her to smile because she is about to marry her best friend as the sun shines down on them.

4. Okay, so I said I only had three but I can’t forget about my grooms! One of my favorite moments with my groom and his groomsmen is when I get to pin on their boutonnières. I always ask my groom if he is excited (not nervous because of course he is! even if just a little bit). I had a groom once, thank me for asking him if he was excited not nervous because EVERYONE kept asking if he was nervous. I love joking with the groomsmen about taking shots or drinking too much before the ceremony (I already warned them at the ceremony rehearsal about it) or talking with them about what football game they have on TV. Inevitably, there is always one groomsman that jokes that I’m going to poke one of them with the boutonnière pins. I tell them I haven’t poked anyone yet so don’t be my first. LOL!!

There are so many more fantastic moments on wedding day that make me tear up and make me proud and honored to be a wedding planner that gets to share in these amazing moments with my couples. So check out our Instagram to see more of my favorites! Cheers!!


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