How to select the right Florist by Tom Trovato Event Floral & Design

How do I select the right florist for my wedding?

How do I know what questions to ask?

How do I convey my visions to my florist?

What can I expect of my florist?

Can I trust my florist?

All good questions in the search for that perfect fit for me and my florist.

The search to select the right florist for your wedding is a very simple process. These are some things to look for in a good wedding and event florist

* Length of time in business

* Experience in flower design, ease in working with vendors, quality of creativity, willing to go outside of the box on designs, not a “cookie cutter” designer, personality match, willing to go the extra mile for you to make your dream wedding come true within a reasonable budget.

* Extensive portfolio and familiar with your style

I personally love to work both the bride and groom. It's more common these days for the groom to be more involved in the planning and decision-making process, which I love. My real mission when I speak with the couple or their wedding planner, is the get a true feel of their total vision of the wedding. This is done via images and discussion. It's not necessarily for them to get to specifics and details, as much as the overall look and feel they want to achieve. My goal as their florist is to take that look and feel and bring it to life while exceeding their expectations! That is the biggest compliment I could get. I want all the guests to have an experience they will long remember.

Total trust in critical in the design process. That trust must be earned by good communication and most importantly listening carefully to both bride and groom.

This will ultimately produce the wedding of their dreams

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