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Questions to ask your makeup artist


Ask to see photos of the artist work, this will give you an idea of their work and if you like their style. Most artists have a distinctive style while others are able to do it all. Look them up on social media platforms and see how other people like getting their makeup done by the artist.


Always ask what's included in your makeup application, is there anything you will need to provide? Is the trial included and what is the cost of applications for bridesmaids and mother of the bride?

Also don't be afraid to ask if they offer any specials for groups too!


Most artists give each guest 30-40 minutes for an application and about an hour for the bride. Ask about how long the applications will take so that you won't feel rushed on the big day.


Find out if the artist is able to travel to you and if they charge a travel fee.

Most artists can be contacted by email, so go ahead and ask all the questions you need.

How you can help your makeup artist on your big day?

Always do a trial.

This is the best way to see if you like the artist and their work. Most artist do a trial separate from the cost of the wedding day makeup so you won't be stuck in a contract if you are unhappy with the work. A trial is also great because you can really connect with the artist and learn more about them in person, ask additional questions and there is no rush on the application.

Be honest.

During the trial be open with the artist, bring pictures and really explain what you like and don't like about makeup, if you have a good artist they will usually lead this conversation but being prepared and ready is very helpful. If they compete your makeup and their is something your unhappy with let them know, don't wait until the wedding day to change things!

Be ready.

Having an open space with lots of natural light is ideal for a makeup artist, this will also help you have the best makeup you can. Make sure wherever the location you are getting ready at you have space for the artist to work. This will make you both relaxed and comfortable during the application.

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, so being open and honest with your makeup artist is best for your day and for them! The goal is to make you feel beautiful and happy!!


Kelsie Ann
Owner 31.6 Beauty

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