Top Ten Wedding Tips

Hire a wedding planner (duh! Lol!)

Set a budget and have wiggle room (about 5-10%).

Know what you like or don’t like. It helps vendors help you if you know what your style is. If you’re not sure what you like, you definitely know what you don’t like. This helps just as much.

Relax when it comes to the weather…you can’t control it anyway. Just make sure you, your wedding planner, and your venue coordinator have a solid backup plan and timeline in place.

Make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress (i.e. your wedding planner, maid of honor, or momma)

Keep your wedding morning open. Don’t do too much on your wedding morning. Get your nails and spray tan done days before so you can relax with your wedding party.

Have your wedding planner schedule alone time for just you and your love. Even 5 minutes alone, away from the excitement can make a difference and help you two relax and enjoy the rest of the wedding.

Try to relax and not stress about the little things. Your planner will have them under control along with the big things. Stuff is bound to happen at weddings and you can’t control it. Remember what is important!

Don’t check in on your venue. Let the professionals do their job. It will be more exciting seeing the ceremony and reception spaces as you have envisioned them.

Breathe!!! Take in every moment of the planning process. It goes by very quickly!

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